Atlanta Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Thomas “Tom” Nagel discusses when someone is arrested and no bond is set.

Bonding out of Jail in Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett and Dekalb County Georgia

I received a call regarding someone arrested for driving without a Georgia driver's license. 
This is a misdemeanor in the State of Georgia and carries the same penalties as driving on a suspended license.

He was in the City of Atlanta jail.  At his first court appearance, he was advised of his charges 
and told there was no bond set. Court was continued for a week. He would lose his job if he was
in jail for another week. His friend googled Atlanta Georgia suspended license charges in the City of Atlanta with no bond and found my criminal defense law firm. He called me for help.  

My client was out of jail that afternoon. 

If you've been arrested and remain in jail with no bond, I can file a petition with the the court to 
set bond in your case.  Arrests that occur on weekends, holidays and 
when courts are closed can be much more difficult to get bond 
 In this specific case, the person was arrested, was not giving a bond when he was processed at the jail.  He went to court and his case was reset for one week for a judge to address bond. This case involved the city of Atlanta Municipal Court and the city of Atlanta Detention Center. (ACDC) 

Every city and county jail has different rules and procedures regarding no bond cases. Each 
situation is very fact specific. It could take a week or more to see a judge who can set a bond. 
Serious misdemeanors and felonies may require an appearance in front of a Superior Court Judge.Violent felonies could take 30 days or more to get bond.  If you are on active probation, you may not get a bond. If you were arrested without a warrant, the law requires that you must be brought before a judge judge within 48 hours of arrest. If you were arrested by a police officer or detectivewith an warrant, you must be brought before a judge within 72 hours from the time of your arrest.Failure to follow these time frames could result in your release form jail.

If you've been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony and have a scheduled court 
date to appear in any Georgia court; city, county, state, superior, magistrate, or recorders court, 
call me now. I offer a free initial consultation and will answer all your questions and explain your options. 

You might not have to wait in jail for your next court date to get a bond.  If you or someone you know is in trouble with the law, don't waste precious time!
Start your defense.
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