Traffic Court Tickets – Why should I hire a lawyer?

Thomas C. Nagel Atlanta, Georgia Criminal & Traffic Defense Lawyer
People ask me every week if they need a lawyer for their upcoming traffic court case. If you have a conviction on your driving record within the last three years, you should always consult with an experienced criminal defense traffic court lawyer. Even if you have a perfect record, you should strongly consider consulting an experienced traffic court attorney to represent you in your case. Once you have a record you no longer have the benefit of a being a first offender.

Georgia CDL license holders and drivers of company vehicles should always consult with a lawyer prior to attending court. This is because insurance companies scrutinize the driving records of these drivers. Insurance companies use your Georgia driving record to determine what insurance rates you or your company pay. They typically look back three years when determining your insurance rate.

There are situations where you don’t need an attorney to represent you in court. Call me to discuss your traffic ticket and find out if it would be beneficial for us to represent you in your case.

Attorney Thomas C. Nagel has been representing clients charged with Traffic Violations for over 20 years. If you have recently been charged with a traffic violation, Call us NOW. Our goal is to keep your record clean!

We regularly represent clients in Fulton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County and Gwinnett Counties as well as all cities in each county. We regularly appear in Sandy Springs Municipal Court, Roswell Municipal Court, Marietta Municipal Court, Atlanta Municipal Court, Dunwoody Municipal Court, Alpharetta Municipal Court and Smyrna Municipal Court.

Depending on the facts of each case, you will have several options. My initial consultation will lay out each option. Plain language, case strategy, education of the law and reasonable fees. I will help you resolve your legal problems. Don’t wait any longer. You need to be well prepared for court.

I will help you get your Georgia Drivers License or driving privileges restored. In many cases I can get your charges reduced and even dismissed. That means getting your license back and avoiding harsh penalties, jail time and further suspension of your driving privileges.

Stop worrying and get answers to your questions . If you are interested in a private and confidential consultation, call me now to discuss your case. Attorney’s fees are competitive, major credit cards are accepted, and payment plans are available.

Regardless of how bad you think your case is, BEFORE you face the judge, call Attorney Thomas C. Nagel at 404-255-1600 and arrange your free consultation today.

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